Bladesmith Miniatures is an experienced and professional commission miniature painting studio based in the UK. For over a decade, we have been turning creative ideas into reality through unparalleled service, excellent communication, and dedication to clients’ projects. Whether you want bespoke paint jobs, custom conversion, or a full-size gaming table, we offer a variety of services at great prices and quality.
From single models to large armies, we can paint all with our miniature painting expertise. We can handle projects of any size and difficulty, which means you rely on our skills to give you a unique character for your collection.
Connect with people that paint all kinds of miniatures. We are positive you will enjoy our work!

Lead Artist

Hi, this is Brady – the lead artist at Bladesmith Miniatures. It has been a great experience for me to work with so many talented clients and complete unique projects for them over the years.
With a decade of professional miniature painting experience, I am sure I can accommodate your needs. I always take pride in my painting and taking care of my models while I ensure your figures are worthy of any battlefield. It gives me pleasure to show off the models I produce here in my studio.
I am ready to take on your next project, so let’s build something great together!

Brades - Lead Artist